Trgovir's location?

TRGOVIR d.o.o. is located next to the main road M4 Doboj - Tuzla, Polje b.b., 75324 Stjepan Polje, Gračanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Trgovir's experience?

Trgovir d.o.o. opened for business in December 1995 as a company which provided mixed goods in non-specialized stores.

Wooden pellet and its advantages?

Wooden pellet is a refined and solid biomass made of wood waste, compressed into same shaped products under great pressure. Pellet has the same look, size and density and is the ideal solution for automatic burning stoves, such as pellet stoves and boilers. The pelletizing of wood waste from renewable energy sources gives a great contribution to the economy as well as the preservation of the environment. The benefits of pellet: efficiency- wooden pellet is an efficient source of heat because it contains a very small amount of moisture and ash compared with other sources of energy. The whole material burns and turns into heat energy; profitability- pellet has competitiveness on the central heating market and its price is more stable in regard to other fuels.

Trgovir's services?

From development to the finished product, we provide all services in one package. We have been manufacturing according to distinct specifications, service production, additional product preparation for ease of handling or installation, or simply information on existing products, our team is happy to help.