Trgovir d.o.o. is a company specializing in the manufacture and sale of wire products. Our company’s products are designed for small consumers as well as large companies that process and incorporate them. 

The Trgovir sales center in Stjepan Polje has a rich range of wired products. Within our company, we are able to offer you wire products such as: 

We also produce according to your wishes and specifications and you can fully rely on our competence. We attach great importance to long-term, mutually profitable partnerships and in this sense customer satisfaction is our highest priority. 

In addition to wire products, we also offer waterproofing products designed for sloped and flat roofs, steam dams, underground waterproofing, overhead waterproofing and bitumen waterproofing. These categories, with the exception of bituminous waterproofing, include products intended for the first layer, intermediate and final layers, while bituminous waterproofing includes welding products and hot bonding. 

Since 2010 we are dealing with the production and sale of pellets. Eco-pellet production is one of the newest and most prosperous branches of industry that is ready to provide many jobs and to improve the economic status of our region. We take care of ecology with the quality of  eco-pellet with minimal by-products (gases). 

In addition to its own products, Trgovir Sales Center in Stjepan Polje offers a wide range of products from well-known brands at affordable prices, and some of these brands include: Rofix, Baumy, Baumit, Halkotherm, Austrotherm, Terrasit, Wurth, Protech, Nexe, Bramac, Tondach, Penosil, I – Crni, Ytong, Cement Lukavac. 

The Trgovir Sales Center offers you all the products you need for a quick and easy construction of your home from the base to the roof. 

Our long-standing trading relationship with many partners, as well as the quality and price ratio of our products, provide trust and represent us as a stable and trustworthy company.